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What's been popular this month?

31 January 2015

Vertical blinds continue to be hugely popular, offer great versatility and are suitable for most rooms.  When our customers require a whole-house solution it is vertical blinds they invariably choose to have throughout their home.  Vertical blinds are a great supplement to curtains and provide an ideal, practical solution for large windows, bays, sloping windows and conservatories.  Attached to a neat headrail the vanes (sometimes called louvres) are simple to position and tilt for optimal daylight control and privacy.  Vanes can be moved across the window to bunch at one side (left or right) or can split in the middle to form two symmetrical bunches - handy for when maximum visibility is needed, or when the inside of the windows need to be cleaned.  Controls, either wand or cord operated, are safe, simple and easy to use.  Vanes can be 89 or 127mm wide and there is a huge range of plain, patterned, textured and coloured fabrics to choose from.  Neutrals and whites tend to be the most popular option but be brave and choose a colour to add vibrancy, zest, mood and interest to a decorative scheme.  PVC vanes are child and pet friendly as they don't have stability chains at the bottom and they are easy to wipe clean; being waterproof they're great for bathrooms and wet rooms too.



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How much do blinds cost?

15 January 2015

We often get asked what it will cost to have a new blind and that is probably the most difficult question for us to answer.  Firstly, windows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Then there are all the different types of blinds to consider - roller, vertical, venetian, pleated, roman (and a few more) - what is suitable for one window, in one room, in one home might be completely unsuited to another.  Then there are so many different fabrics, materials and colours.  Add in all the different manufacturers and product lines and when it comes to specifying a blind, the choice is almost infinite.  Finally, factor in customer tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes, what is and what isn't on trend, what colour clashes with the wallpaper, and so on.  That is why it is so important for us to visit the customer and be able to see the actual room and situation.  We can discuss the possibilities then while we take accurate measurements, the customer can browse the different samples, hold them up in the window to see how they will actually look in the room, and make an informed choice.  At that point, and only at that point, are we able to answer the question!  Choosing a new blind is a long term decision which is why we are here to help you select the best possible blind, curtain and shutter solutions for quality and value.

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Why do we need blinds?

30 December 2014

We find our customers usually need new blinds either: a) to maintain their privacy, or b) to reduce the glare of sunlight at certain times of the day or year, or c) a combination of the two.  Sometimes it is to provide blackout in a bedroom or cinema room, or to protect carpets and furnishings from fading.  These are all sound practical reasons for needing a blind, to which we could add safety and security (not just to prevent people from seeing in, a window with a blind fitted is known to be a deterrent for would-be burglars, making it hard to climb through), and we could also add energy efficiency, since blinds act as insulators and help to reduce heat loss through windows in winter and reduce heat in summer.  Of course, there is more to it than that.  Sometimes for our customers it is simply about having something new and different, or to replace something that's old and tired.  Renovating, redecorating, updating, moving home or just creating a new look are all common reasons that we come across for customers to need a new blind.  The look, style, colour and luxuriousness of a new blind could be just the thing to bring the finishing touch to a room (a new kitchen or bathroom, for example).  We say beautiful homes deserve beautiful blinds and that is why you need to be getting in touch with David Stanley Blinds. 

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Blinds or curtains?

15 December 2014

In an ideal world, have both.  Blinds to control the light and privacy,curtains to dress the window and add warmth.  To us, one thing is sure - net curtains have had their day (although modern voiles and sheer roller fabrics provide an up to date alternative).  Combining curtains and blinds in the same window (sometimes called layering) can look fabulous.  In our home, for example, we've layered blackout curtains with wood venetians.  We don't like the curtains drawn during the day so we use the wood venetians to control the sunlight and give us privacy.  Blackout curtains drawn at night ensure a good night's sleep and keep us warm in winter.  Roman blinds, fitted inside or outside the window reveal, also look fabulous, whether on their own or paired with another type of blind (or paired with curtains).  Blinds on their own can look stark, adding curtains softens the look.  having said that, the stark look could be exactly what is needed as part of a neat, crisp, minimalist room design.  There is no right or wrong.  We have some customers who have blinds installed because they're getting rid of curtains, some customers who want curtains not blinds, some customers who choose to have both.

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News and Features?

1 December 2014

We will be using this page to upload news and featured items.  If you see anything you would like to comment on or give us feedback about, or any questions about blinds, curtains or shutters we'd be delighted to hear from you; please use the "Contact Us" button above.